Our Products

We currently offer the following products in our gutter systems:

  • 5” K-Style gutters, available in aluminum, steel and copper
  • 2” x 3” downspouts available in aluminum, steel and copper
  • 5” and 6” half round copper gutters
  • 3” and 4” round copper downspouts

But, what exactly does all this mean? We believe every homeowner should know the basic types of rain gutters, so they can install the best system for their home. The materials, styles, and types of gutters all matter when it comes to proper installation and maintenance, and vary depending on location, house type, and budget.

Rain gutter styles

We offer two types of rain gutters: K-style and half-round.

K-style gutters are the most common option used today, as they provide optimum drainage for the majority of homes in the country. The front of the gutter is usually curved and resembles crown moulding, and they come in 5 inch to 6 inch widths. Most times these style gutters are installed with rectangular downspouts to drain the water away from the house.

Half-round gutters feature a semicircular trough with a curved lip. They fit well and look the best on traditional older brick homes. Half round gutters catch water efficiently but need help draining water away from your home, so they work best with round downspouts.


We offer three types of rain gutter materials: aluminum, copper, and steel.

Aluminum is the most widely used material in gutter installation, since it’s lightweight, rust-proof, and relatively easy to work with. It holds paint well and can be manufactured in seamless models, unlike other materials.

Steel is a heavier and more sturdy alternative to aluminum, although is more prone to oxidation after 10-15 years. It can also be painted, and holds up well to all types of weather.

Copper is the most aesthetically pleasing of all the material types (as well as the most expensive), and is extremely durable. Although it won’t rust, over time the shine will give way to a greenish patina, which adds to its overall beauty.

Seamless or Sectional

The final thing to keep in mind with gutter maintenance is its type: seamless or sectional. Most materials come in sections fastened together (sectional), but seamless (or continuous) gutters are made at the job site, using a gutter-forming machine to custom make whatever gutter length is required. While sectional gutters are the most common type, they are at risk for falling apart more easily over time.

Whether you’re looking for maximum savings or are more concerned with stunning looks, there’s a rain gutter out there to meet your specific house gutter needs. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll come help you figure it out.

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